Jamie Hooft

MSc student

E-Mail: jhooft@uoguelph.ca

        I joined the Fish Nutrition Research Lab as an M.Sc. student in 2007 after completing my B.Sc. in Animal Biology at Guelph.  During my undergraduate career, I took several animal nutrition courses.  I was first introduced to fish nutrition through an aquaculture course. 


        My current research focuses on the effects of grains naturally contaminated with mycotoxins on the performance and health of rainbow trout.  In particular, I am studying deoxynivalenol (DON), a Fusarium mycotoxin commonly found in cereal grains worldwide.  Mycotoxins are becoming a concern in fish nutrition due to the increased reliance on plant ingredients as a result of the rising cost of fish meal.  This research will be critical to the development of mycotoxin risk management strategies for aquaculture operations as the use of alternative plant ingredients in salmonid species feeds continues to increase.

Department of Animal
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