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We have a diverse group of scientists and graduate students from different horizons. Follow the links to gain insight into our research, our interests, and our backgrounds. We hope these pages will provide a platform for future interaction and collaboration.



Research Areas

Dominique P. Bureau


Factors affecting efficiency of nutrient utilization by fish.

Essential amino acids, phosphorus, lipids and carbohydrate utilization and requirements of fish

Assessment of the nutritive value of feed ingredients of various origins.

Development of models and tools to address current challenges in aquaculture.

Katheline Hua

Adjunct Professor (Junior Faculty, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany)

Better understanding of nutrient utilization and requirement

Nutritional strategies to estimate and manage waste output

Mathematical modeling

C. Young Cho

Adj. Prof., Retired


Mashiur Rahman


Supervision and maintenance of research facilities

Guillaume Salze

Post doctoral fellow

Amino acid nutrition & larval development

Kabir Chowdhury 

PhD student

Digestibility and bioavailability of amino acids in plant protein ingredients

Steve Gunther

PhD student 

Nucleotides in salmon nutrition

Luis Peña

PhD student

Endogenous determinants of efficiency of protein utilization by salmonid fish

Patricio Saez

PhD student 

Pre-processing of feed ingredients  to improve their commercial value

Arlene Ali

Research Assistant

Palatability of plant-based diets to rainbow trout

Jamie Hooft

PhD student 

Effects of mycotoxins from naturally contaminated grains in rainbow trout

Jorge Castillo

Industry consultant

Scientific and technical support for R&D projects related to feed ingredient processing

Afshin Gholami

PhD student

Efficiency of amino acid utilization by rainbow trout

Owen Skipper-Horton

MSc student

Comparison of growth and feed efficiency achieved by rainbow trout on commercial operations in Canada and France

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